Ready to cut through all your kitchen troubles? Prep with purpose with the amazing Aero Knife! With 60% less surface area, it’s light as air and causes way less friction and stickiness. Even gourmet chef knives create resistance and attract food slices to stick. But ninja sharp Aero Knife slices meat, produce, cheese, and baked goods to total perfection without anything getting caught up. And with less friction, there’s no sawing or hacking—just perfectly prepared food for more attractive, more evenly cooked food.

Consistent, perfectly sliced food cooks evenly and honors your ingredients. Tough enough to cut wood, Aero Knife will never crush, smash, or squish your produce. And forget wasting the best of the best. Slice steak like a pro—never torture a New York strip again! And the sharper, stronger blade requires less force to use, so kitchen prep doesn’t have to be a workout.

Forged from precision laser-cut stainless steel, top chefs around the world recommend Aero Knife for home kitchens. Celebrity Chef Ming Tsai says, “It cuts twice as smooth, and food doesn’t stick.” And sharper knives are actually safer for you. Dull, thick knives can slip and slide around, requiring enough power to make you clumsy. The easier the cut, the less room for error and injury.

Instead of buying a whole block of specialty knives, home cooks turn to the versatile Aero Knife to do it all. Pair, slice, chop, and even julienne with the same tool. In fact, this knife can cut slices so thin, they’re actually see-through. Plus, it’s the ideal starter knife for newlyweds, college students, and aspiring chefs just setting out. We highly recommend taking advantage of the buy-one-get-one offer, so you can keep one for yourself and share the other. Cut out waste and worry with Aero Knife!


  • Forged from laser-cut stainless steel
  • Won’t attract food to stick
  • Never hack or crush ingredients again
  • Buy-one-get-one offer with bonus Edge of Glory sharpener available


  • Limited time price point
  • Knives are extremely sharp and should be handled with care