When you get some outfits that look great at the boutique, they don’t always look the same when you get home. Sometimes the thought of wearing a low cut top seems a bit too daring after further consideration. That is one of the reasons for the introduction of Cami Secret. It tucks underneath your top to appear as a frilly camisole beneath.

The Cami Secret comes in six different colors to go with anything you want to wear. You’ll like them so well you’ll probably get lower cut blouses to show off each one. Your Cami Secret comes in beige, black, and white, but for a special time only, you get three extra colors free just for paying the shipping and handling. The second set of colors includes ivory, brown, and navy.

You probably have dresses and blouses you wear out at night that you’ve tried wearing to work with a camisole beneath. The camisole was probably hot because you didn’t need the extra layer of clothing. Most of your day was probably spent tugging and trying to keep the camisole in place.

If you have that much trouble with your clothing, you can’t be very happy at work. You may just give up on wearing some of your favorite tops except at night.

With this product, you’ll never be bothered with shifting undergarments. It easily attaches to the straps on your bra so it stays in place all day. You can position it to show as little or as much cleavage as you want, and never have to worry about pulling it up or down.


  • layered look without the added bulk
  • transform single outfits into multiples for day or eveningwear
  • attach and remove Cami Secret instantly
  • cool, lightweight, and comfortable
  • machine wash and dry
  • multiple colors and one size fits all
  • easily adjustable to any outfit, allows you to show as much or as little as you wish
  • no more slipping, shifting, pulling, and tugging undergarments to keep them in place
  • attaches right to your bra straps, so there’s nothing to keep tucked in
  • flattering pretty lace border design

Never attempt to pin those plunging necklines together again. All the pins do is ruin your expensive clothes anyway. Cami Secret will be your new best fashion accessory. You won’t have to pay a tailor to make your tops more modest, and you will still be able to dress sexy when you go to dinner or dancing. Cami Secret basically gives you two outfits from the same top.

Laundering this product is as easy as tossing it in the washing machine on a delicate setting and drying on low heat in your dryer. You never have to bother with dry cleaning or special treatment of your Cami Secret.

Don’t be bashful at work or subconsciously worry about people looking down your top when you are in a sitting position. This awesome product solves those problems while giving you an attractive and flattering appearance at the same time. You’ll get compliments from the other women at your workplace, rather than the snide remarks behind your back.

Complete your wardrobe. Get Cami Secret today while the buy one, get one is still being offered.


“I work in an elementary school office. I don’t wear low-cut blouses to work, but I was sometimes concerned about leaning over to tie a child’s shoe or someone standing over me while I am seated at my desk. The Cami-Secret stays close to my chest. Sometimes the lace peeks over the top of my blouse, but sometimes it’s just there to block any “interesting” views! These are exactly what I was looking for! The colors, black, white and beige look nice with any color of blouse. I really like them and I highly recommend them!”