Between tighter travel restrictions, tinier cars, and more crowded buses, everyone’s trying to cut down on bulk when they travel. Now, there’s a convenient new way to go compact, aptly named the Go Go Pillow. Super soft and plush, Go Go Pillow steadies and protects your iPad or tablet while doubling as the perfect travel pillow. Its patented straps and slots nestle your tablet, even when you don’t have a flat surface. The straps also allow you to use Go Go Pillow as a backpack, a protective case, or travel pillow, folding to gently support the contours of your neck. You can even strap it to your headrest for ultimate comfort.

Catch up on work or catch some Zs with Go Go Pillow. We spend so much of our time zipping around and sitting around, but nobody wants to feel like they’re wasting time. Go Go Pillow provides complete comfort on the move, while doubling as the perfect holder for your tablet. There’s even cord and ear-bud access built right in. Ideal for use at any angle, Go Go Pillow supports most tablets in both portrait and landscape modes. And it’s tough enough to steady your tablet for typing, gaming, or reading, but squishably soft for napping.

Cut the bulk when you’re on the run! Go Go Pillow is perfect for students, travelling executives, kids, and commuters. Think of it as your downtime survival kit—helping you maximize productivity and leisure. And there’s a Go Go Pillow that’s perfect for you, with six styles for every sensibility, including sophisticated black, beautiful blueberry, and punky pink leopard.

Take back all the time spent in between. Go Go Pillow helps you make the most of every minute, so you can work, play, and rest wherever you wander.


  • Transforms from a traditional travel pillow into a plush tablet case
  • Steadies your tablet without a flat surface
  • Supports most tablets
  • Buy One, Get One offer available


  • Offer not in stores
  • Wash gently
  • Won’t support cellphones