Nobody’s born a chef, but the kitchen calls to us all. So whether you’re cooking for one, two, or a whole family, Great Kitchen Secrets is the best-selling book to take anyone beyond being just a cook! With over 5,000 time and money-saving secrets for your kitchen, you can stop throwing cash in the trash, and start making the most of every meal. From preventative tips, like how to stop freezer burn, to emergency fixes, like reducing acidity in your tomato sauce, Great Kitchen Secrets can make you a culinary master without spending years at the Cordon Bleu.

Great Kitchen Secrets is a master class for home cooks. And it’s easy to jump right to the advice you need! Keep it in your kitchen to save time and money, get the most from every ingredient, cook healthier meals, and avert disasters. It’s even chock full of tips for easy and effective cleaning. You can even get the companion volume, Great Cleaning Secrets as part of this offer.

Chef Tony Notaro brings you all the kitchen secrets passed along in his family for years. Voracious as they are clever, the Notaro clan has developed these hints and little kitchen miracles over many generations. Learn their secrets for no-cry onions, saving wilted produce, neutralizing saltiness, and the fluffiest pancakes you’ve ever devoured. You’ll get go-to batter recipes, food storage solutions, and tips on the most flavorful French fries.

Did you know you can cut fat with vinegar? Ever tried cleaning pans with a dryer sheet? You’ll be amazed how solutions that seem silly actually elevate your cooking to new levels. Great Kitchen Secrets belongs in every larder and home library! Perfect for college grads, newlyweds, and even bachelors, give it as a gift, or keep all the secrets for yourself!


  • Over 5,000 tips to make you a domestic god or goddess
  • Bonus offer available: Great Cleaning Secrets
  • Make the most delicious food and avert kitchen disasters


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  • Comes in softcover, so be sure to ask for the free hardcover upgrade