You love your home, but there’s not always enough light when you need it. Too bad you’re not an electrician! But now, with Light Angel, anyone can install clear, bright light in seconds. Seven powerful LEDs illuminate the night with a steady stream of motion-activated beams. The best part is the single-step stick-on installation. Just peel and stick! Light Angel instantly adheres exactly where you want it. And the weather-resistant adhesive is tough enough to weather the weather, giving you customized lighting indoors and out.

Like an angel, Light Angel watches over your home and family. Stay safe taking out the trash, rummaging for key, or calling the cat into dinner. Let the light guide your family home and ward off human and animal intruders. And you’ll love this Angel’s angles! Light Angel sits on a sturdy pivoting base. Rotate your light 360 degrees for total control. And there’s not need to juggle bulbs—the clear LED lights can shine bright up to 100,000 hours.

In a heavenly home, light means safety. Light Angel protects you from things that go bump in the night, and from yourself. Place it in your closet, attic, porch, patio, or pool area to avoid trips, slips, and flips. Install Light Angel near your mailbox, garage, or doggie door to stop trouble before it starts. No matter what, its powerful grip won’t give up, so your home stays safe through every season.

A dark house is not a home. Make yours feel warm and lived in, even when you’re out of town. Light Angel’s acute motion sensors detect every guest, invited or otherwise. And because there’s no wiring and no hot surface, it’s fire-safe and emergency ready. So don’t waste a month’s salary on fancy security suites until you’ve tried Light Angel. Now that’s a bright idea!


  • 100,000 hours of cool, clear light
  • Installs in seconds
  • Available bonus lights with purchase
  • Acute motion detector built in


  • Bulbs not replaceable, but LED lights last up to 100,000 hours
  • Cool, bright light may be too powerful for casual mood lighting
  • Currently only available in white