You’re a celebrity, but your star is waning. People used to gather in frenzied herds to receive your air kisses, but now they’re selling your signature on EBay and throwing in free shipping. Do you hit the Botox hard and wage a comeback coup, or do you follow your agent’s advice and attach your tarnished name to a bunch of stuff? For these product queens, selling out has really paid off.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson As Seen On TV
Jessica Simpson, As Seen On TV Proactive

This one-time pop princess had more fans as a flaxen fool than a certified songstress. But when the fickle reality hounds moved on to fresher meat, Simpson was left with few fans and fewer career prospects. Enter As Seen on TV’s Proactiv skin care and Jess’s first endorsement sash. Quickly followed by footwear, Weight Watchers, and her own line of hair extensions, this Southern Belle is once again gilded in gold. Ironically, the same asinine antics that crashed her career as a sex symbol make her relatable enough to pitch like a pro.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian As Seen On TV
Kim Kardashian, As Seen On TV Quick Trim Diet Line

Keeping up with the Kardashians is now mandatory. Just try to ignore their sultry but beady eyes—resistance is futile. Maybe because, in edition to an entertainment empire, the sisterhood Kardashian, led by brood master Kim, don’t just hawk perfume and skin cream. In fact they’ve sold everything from wedding pictures to nail polish, and some harsher critics might even say their souls.

But why be so hard on Big K and her clan? Between As Seen On TV hits like Tria hair removal and Quick Trim diet line, these bogglingly famous sisters are cackling all the way to their already overstuffed bank vaults. And while these partnerships can’t all end in gold, like the Skechers Shape-Ups Kim endorsed which fell victim to a gruesome consumer action lawsuit, Kim’s just a fitness video away from endorsement immortality. Just kidding. Kim Kardashian’s Fit in Your Jeans By Friday: Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt is available now. Long live The Queen.

Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers As Seen On TV
Suzanne Somers, The As Seen On TV “Thigh Master”

The Thigh Master herself, Suzanne Somers paved the way for celebrity endorsements, cutting through the retail roughage and blazing a trail like As Seen on TV’s own Daniel Boone. Today, in addition to lines of jewelry, beauty, and apparel, Somers gets viewers pumped about EZ Gym and Face Master Facial Toning. Who knows what part of your body she’ll master next?