Feast or famine isn’t the way to live (well, at least not the famine part), but too many of us have sporadic and unhealthy eating habits. Maybe that’s because cooking a nutritious meal isn’t always easy after a long day. That’s why Stone Wave microwave cooker is transforming the way people eat. And when you eat better and more consistently, you lose weight, sleep deeper, and make better food choices overall.

Stone Wave microwave cooker brings you truly culinary creations, right from your microwave. Of course, plenty of us are skeptical of microwave cooking—we think soggy, unevenly cooked frozen dinners. But Stone Wave is the new wave of convenience cooking, allowing you to prepare your favorite foods in a flash.

Perfectly designed and sculpted for even cooking, Stone Wave can cook entire feasts, from vegetables and sides to ambitious mains and even dessert. That’s because it harnesses the raw power of your microwave while negating its limitations. To be specific, Stone Wave’s unique chimney and domed lid release steam gradually, cooking food all the way through without drying, constantly infusing flavor.

Although Stone Wave elevates microwave cooking, it’s still lightning fast. Produce hundreds of mouth-watering meals in five minutes or less. Whip up fluffy, unforgettable omelets, delightful desserts, savory soups, and succulent seafood. You can even use the Stone Wave to serve food for convenient meals without the cleanup.

Designed for better living, Stone Wave’s sophisticated non-stick surface makes cleanup easier and lets you cook without adding fats, butter, and oil. And even when Stone Wave heats up, the handle stays cool for safety and control. It even comes with its own recipe book for goof-proof creations. Perfect for personally prepared meals or for sharing, Stone Wave joins the resources of the Stone Age with the ideas of tomorrow.  So why not start eating better today?


  • Prepare culinary masterpieces in minutes
  • Includes five-minute recipe book
  • Buy-one-get-one offer available


  • Offer not in stores
  • Only available in one color
  • For use in microwave only